The Nets-Dodgers deal appears to be off


A week ago there were reports that the Dodgers and Nets were in negotiations to “combine assets” in some manner. A merger of sorts that would keep operations of the teams separate, but which would provide, I dunno, “synergy” or something.

Seems that’s not happening. From the Post, via our friends at PBT:

The parent companies of the LA Dodgers and the Brooklyn Nets will not be getting hitched after all, The Post has learned.

Although the two sides held talks recently, they have broken down and are unlikely to begin again, sources tell The Post.

“Guggenheim doesn’t have money,” a source close to the situation said. “Will a deal ever happen? Probably no.”

I still don’t see what the angle would be for the Dodgers or anyone else to buy the Nets if, as is reported, it’s owner Mikhail Prokhorov still wants to retain control of the team. If you put up a couple of billion dollars, well, you expect to actually own something.

I dunno. I assume this is all Yasiel Puig’s fault somehow.