On the eve of the NLCS: another police shooting of a black teenager in St. Louis


The NLDS in St. Louis featured protests outside the stadium connected with the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. You be certain that the NLCS will feature more of the same — likely much, much more, actually — as another police shooting of a black teenager occurred last night, this time in St. Louis itself. From the Post-Dispatch:

Another police-involved fatal shooting of a teenager, this time in south St. Louis not far from the Missouri Botanical Garden, led to hours of protests overnight Wednesday and into Thursday morning as an angry crowd gathered quickly when news spread across social media.

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said the officer was off-duty, working a secondary job for a private security company, when he fatally shot an 18-year-old male Wednesday night.

The police say that the victim, Vonderrit Myers Jr, 18, was armed and fired at the officer first. Witnesses dispute the account, saying he was unarmed and only had a sandwich in his hand. The officer — who was off duty but in uniform, working a contract security job — fired his weapon at Myers 17 times. Needless to say, given what happened in nearby Ferguson, both in the Brown shooting and the events that unfolded thereafter, people will be forgiven for not taking the police at their word as to what transpired.

Also needless to say, the protests in St. Louis will be large and intense. And given the national focus on St. Louis for the baseball playoffs, it is inescapable that, in some fashion, the events of last night and the coming days will intersect with the NLCS.