White Sox GM: Robin Ventura has done “an excellent job”


Robin Ventura won 85 games as a rookie manager in 2012, but the White Sox lost 99 games last year and 89 games this year.

Despite a 221-265 overall record general manager Rick Hahn is full of praise for Ventura, telling Dan Hayes of CSNChicago.com that he’s done “an excellent job.”

Hahn explained that he has not considered changing managers, saying:

You have to take into account the personnel that they’re given. I don’t think it’s fair to expect them to have every player on the roster consistently overachieve or achieve at perhaps a level beyond the player’s capabilities. So we judge it from the prism of what was he given and what did he get out of them. His communication continues to be outstanding, his ability to keep all the players involved, keep them on point, to prioritize the things that we feel are important and respond to inevitable challenges.

Of course, Hahn is also linked to Ventura and is responsible for much of the rebuilt roster since taking over for longtime general manager Ken Williams. Lack of experienced talent and injuries are enough to keep Ventura off the heat seat, but another losing season could change that in a hurry.