Dan O’Dowd steps down as the Rockies general manager


Dan O’Dowd has had one of the most secure jobs in baseball: Colorado Rockies general manager. He’s held the post for 15 years and his job has been secure no matter how bad the Rockies have been. But if O’Dowd being fired is an impossibility, his departing is not:

Bill Geivett, the other man named, is director of major league player personnel, which is akin to co-GM or assistant GM. This is basically a total revamp of baseball operations.

And it’s due. The Rockies have entered the last several seasons with a plan: Tulowitzki and Gonzalez stay healthy and we find pitching . . . somehow. That is not something to continue banking on and fans in Colorado have grown weary of the organization’s apparent acceptance of mediocrity and lack of ambition. The stands are full and the team makes money, so why try harder?

At least that’s the vibe. Now the vibe is changing.