Josh Hamilton: “I put all kinds of poison in my body to even attempt to play … and get booed”


Josh Hamilton appeared in just four games in September due to shoulder and rib cage injuries and he went 0-for-13 as the Angels were swept by the Royals in the Division Series. He has a disappointing .255/.316/.426 regular-season batting line in 240 games since signing a big five-year, $125 million free agent contract with Anaheim in December 2012.

All of this has been a source of frustration for Angels fans, who made their feelings known last week in the team’s Game 1 loss to Kansas City. Hamilton, who took at least 12 injections of cortisone last month alone, addressed those boos Tuesday to Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register …

“I thought it was pretty funny, after my third at-bat of the first game, I got booed,” Hamilton said. “I’m like, seriously? I’m out for a month, put all kinds of poison in my body to even attempt to play, and get booed. Whatever. It’s kind of comical.

“I don’t take offense to it because they don’t know me. There is no personal interaction.”

“We don’t necessarily play for the people in the stands,” added Hamilton. “We play for each other.”