Deep Thoughts: Down 2-1 edition


Here’s about the shallowest of deep thoughts: the Dodgers are down 2-1 and I feel like they’re sorta screwed. The Nationals are down 2-1 and I feel like they’re in great position.

Mostly because of pitching matchups. Normally a 1-2 punch of Kershaw and Greinke seems unbeatable, but due to Kershaw being on short rest and the certainty that at some point, be it today or on Thursday, Don Mattingly will have to use his bullpen again — combined with what people on Twitter are aptly calling “The Cardinals Devil Magic” — I don’t feel like I’d put a ton of dough on Los Angeles right now.

Meanwhile, with Ryan Vogelsong on the hill, you have to like Washington’s chances today. They haven’t named their would-be Game 5 starter — the Giants would trot out Jake Peavy — but whether it’s Strasburg or Zimmermann or some all-in sort of thing, they’d have a lot of arms available for a Thursday game.

Do not, by any stretch of the imagination, mistake this for analysis. It’s just fan-centric gut feeling stuff. And it’s part of what makes the playoffs so fun, frustrating, unpredictable and tense.