The playoffs continue to get good ratings so far this year


The latest from the folks at MLB:

The action on the field is once again leading to strong TV viewership. The Royals’ 8-3 win over the Angels on Sunday drew 4.4 million viewers on TBS, an increase of +29% over the comparable game last year, while the Orioles’ 2-1 win over the Tigers earlier in the day drew 3.3 million viewers on TBS, up +14% over its comparable game last year. Overall, the MLB Postseason as a whole is averaging 3.6 million viewers, an increase of +9% over last year to make it the most-watched MLB Postseason since 2010. In addition, viewership among the 18-34 audience is up +19% over last year through this point.

The younger demographic increases most likely please the folks on Park Avenue. Baseball may not be dying, but one of its bigger problems is viewership among the young.