Great Moments in “If The Boss Was Still Alive”


Every time something happens with the Yankees, someone writes the “if The Boss was still alive” column, channeling the glory days of George Steinbrenner for some easy, lazy fodder. Also probably worth noting that the people who do this tend to be writers whose own glory days happen to correspond with Steinbrenner’s, but we’ll leave that aside.

Today we have a rare example of the genre: Boss-is-still-aliving about a totally differen team. From Kevin Kernan of the New York Post:




Because they spend big and because the owner of the team, Mark Walter, admired Steinbrenner and the “the only thing that matters is winning” mentality. And, of course, the Mattingly connection.

Which, fine, whatever. But here’s my question: do New York columnists do this because they can’t understand baseball without the filter of the Yankees or because they think their readers can’t?