Ian Desmond could miss a playoff game for birth of child


According to Chase Hughes of CSNWashington.com, Nationals manager Matt Williams indicated this afternoon that shortstop Ian Desmond might have to miss an upcoming playoff game to be present for the birth of his child. Desmond and his wife, Chelsey, are expecting their third child this month.

“Well, there’s a chance,” Williams said. “With those things you certainly never know. But there are off-days, as well. She’s very close and Desi’s keeping us well-informed of the events that are going on. We don’t know, though. We’ll see how it goes. As it sits right now all indications are that she’s perfectly fine and the baby is perfectly fine. They’re just waiting the arrival. We’ll see how all that plays out.”

Here’s more on the situation straight from Desmond:

I’m already preparing myself for someone in the media to criticize Desmond for leaving his team during the playoffs. Should be fun. Of course, this could be rendered moot if the Nationals are eliminated by the Giants soon. They’ll gladly face the scenario of making do without him for a game than get an early start on their winter.