Tim Hudson on Madison Bumgarner: “he goes out there and sticks it right up your butt”


Earlier we heard Tim Hudson talking about the Giants having the balls to win and maybe the Nationals not. Now he’s going on about his teammates. From Jeff Passan’s article at Yahoo about Bumgarner’s fantastic performance last night:

“He don’t come with a lot of flair,��� Giants starting pitcher Tim Hudson said, “but he goes out there and sticks it right up your butt.”

The anatomical impossibility of such a maneuver, not to mention the potential illegality, showcases Bumgarner’s ability to inspire the sort of hyperbole that only the elite can.

Someone maybe needs to talk to Tim about his metaphors. Maybe he can mix them up a bit, offering some for public consumption and saving the good ones for “Tim Hudson After Dark” or something.

Just a suggestion.