Miguel Cabrera eschews his playoff share, saying “I just want the ring”


This is interesting. It seems that Miguel Cabrera has said no to receiving a playoff share from the Tigers because he’s fixated on a ring, and nothing else.

According to Paul White of USA Today, Cabrera was sitting at his locker Wednesday Max Scherzer was collecting signatures for purposes of allocating playoff shares (apparently there is some paperwork required). Cabrera declined, saying  “I’m not signing anything . . . I just want the ring.” Scherzer, shrugged and walked away saying, “OK, more for us.”

I hope someone follows up on that because it’s possible that folks are focusing on the element of it that sounds inspirational and motivational. Maybe there’s more to it. Maybe not. I dunno. But it’s certainly unusual.

But if there isn’t more to it, that’s pretty cool. Even if Cabrera’s $289 million contract makes this something less than an extreme sacrifice.