The woman who was going to get a puppy if the Royals won? Yeah, she’s getting a puppy


One of the weirdest things from last night’s Wild Card Game was the shot of the woman in the crowd holding the sign that said the man she was with was going to buy her a puppy if the Royals won:

Before we go any further, how does that even go?

Woman: “Will you get me a puppy?”

Man: “I will, my darling. But . . . only if 25 men we do not know personally prevail in a mostly random contest!”

Woman: “Really? Why do you have to be so weird about this? Either get me a puppy or don’t. And if you won’t, cool, whatever, I’ll get my own puppy.”

Man: “No! Let us make this a wager!”

Woman: “Um, OK.”

When I saw that I sort of hoped that the sign was an effort in subtle mockery of the guy, showing a national television audience that he’s really complicated and manipulative. Turns out it’s not quite like that. It was really a bribe. Yahoo tracked them down. The woman is Katie Castan, and here’s what she said:

“My boyfriend Joe made the bet with me in the middle of the summer – we were sitting on the couch and I think I was frustrated with the Royals (they were struggling around the end of June) and wanted to change the channel,” Castan said in an email to Yahoo Sports. “He basically said if we won the division or made it past the wild card game, and if I paid attention to the games when we watched and could name at least 10 players on the team by the end of the year, he’d get me a puppy. I think it was his way of keeping me watching the games … but I just really wanted that puppy!”

One hopes that her love of baseball outlasts the delivery of the puppy and that Boyfriend Joe, whatever his methods, did manage to convert someone who sounds like she was a casual fan into a serious baseball lover. But hey, a puppy is getting adopted from a shelter either way, so I guess it’s a win.