Could Billy Beane bust up the A’s?


My favorite thing from after last night’s game was watching old dinosaur newspaper columnists dropping “Moneyball” zingers. They were great because they showed that (a) those guys never, ever read the book or at the very least didn’t understand it; and (b) they were so confident in the power of their zingers they didn’t think it necessary to explain how a book that provided a snapshot of the Oakland A’s from 12 years ago was even remotely relevant to 2014.

Never mind, boys, just go with it. You sure stuck it to that Billy Beane good! Or Brad Pitt. Or whoever. Doesn’t matter probably.

A more relevant observation about Beane comes from Ken Rosenthal: Beane rarely stands pat. And after last night’s loss — made all the more crushing by the fact that the A’s simply went for it this year, trading prospects and bats for arms specifically sought for the postseason — Rosenthal is hearing that Beane could do some radical things. Like trade Jeff Samardzija. Or even Josh Donaldson.

Late in the column he suggests that he could stand pat for a couple of months and see where the team is before unloading either or both of those guys. That may be more reasonable. Still, there’s no escaping the fact that Beane went all-in and eschewed the idea of stockpiling prospects and holding on to offense at all costs because he smelled a pennant, that didn’t work and now he has some long-term challenges facing him as a result.

Which ain’t exactly “Moneyball” as the dinosaurs think of it, but we’ll give them a decade or so to catch up to that.