The Red Sox would like to talk long-term extension with Yoenis Cespedes


Yoenis Cespedes’ short stint in Boston this year wasn’t fantastically productive, but he did make a good impression on the Sox’ front office and now they’d like to talk extension with him:

The Red Sox are interested in negotiating a contract extension with outfielder Yoenis Cespedes during the offseason, but they aren’t exactly sure when those talks will occur.

“It is just a conversation that we will have at the right time,” Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington said on Monday. “There is no specific date we’ll plan on having that, but so far, we think the relationship is off to a good start.”

Cespedes is not as sure he wants to sign a deal or, alternatively, wait until after the final year of his contract in 2015 and test the market. His reticence makes sense, even if he loves it in Boston. Overall he hit .260/.301/.450 with 22 homers and 100 RBI this season. Which, while OK on the power side, still represents a big dip from his 2012 season in terms of OBP and which may reduce his long term value a tad. If he has a hit-lucky season in 2015 (or if he draws some more walks) would make him much, much more marketable.