Marlins president says Giancarlo Stanton will be on the Marlins next year


Giancarlo Stanton is arbitration eligible, will probably double his salary and is marching ever closer to free agency. At the moment he probably has an amazingly high trade value. He also plays for the Marlins, who are not known for handing out big deals, so it wouldn’t be crazy to think that Miami would look to shop Stanton this winter.

Wouldn’t be crazy, but would be wrong. Here’s team president David Samson, talking to the Miami Herald about their plans for the team and for Stanton:

“He’s on this team [in 2015] either way. I can’t wait until after the season to sit down with Giancarlo and [agent] Joel Wolfe and talk about contract. We’re ready. We want him to be a Marlin well past his arbitration years. We hope that he believes in us and believes in Miami and believes in the direction of this team and recognizes that he has a chance to be the leader of a successful team for many years to come.”

If you’re Stanton, I don’t see how you don’t wait and test free agency. The Marlins may be trending in the right direction, but if there’s one team that has a history of tearing things down quickly, it’s Miami. If he were to sign a big deal with them, there is no guarantee that they wouldn’t tear down again in a couple of years, leaving him sitting.

Maybe the Fish try to bowl him over, but I feel like it’s unlikely that a deal will get done any time soon.