Jon Daniels says that Ron Washington going was probably for the best


Interesting, candid comments from Rangers GM Jon Daniels. He said he had no intention of firing Ron Washington this winter despite the Rangers’ bad season and that he would not have said that there would be any benefit to it if you had asked him before Washington resigned. However, since Washington has been gone, Daniels has realized that Washington leaving was, actually, probably for the better:

“. . . having seen the last few weeks, having seen the change in the energy and atmosphere, I do think it had an impact. Tim [Bogar] should certainly get some credit for that, but sometimes I do think that a change is beneficial. I told Wash this and I’ve told you guys this before, I was hoping he’d be the only manager I ever hired. I was hoping it would be an even longer-term partnership, it was already eight years which is a long time in today’s game. So I was not going to make the move this winter. Since it was effectively made for us, I can look back now with some perspective and say ultimately, it may be for the best.”

Daniels says he has a list of candidates to take the job full time and that they’ve had preliminary dialogue with a couple of candidates. Given how wrong everything went for the Rangers and how injured they were this year, it’s not crazy to think that there will be a pretty significant bounceback next year. The Texas job could be a nice one.