Barry Bonds discovered to be “glassing” — it’s just as bad as you think


For years, Barry Bonds had scorn heaped upon him. It was unfair. Sure, he did some things we now consider to be transgressions and to the extent his credibility as a ballplayer is now besmirched, he brought it on himself. But the suggestion that he was somehow worse than hundreds if not thousands of other ballplayers who did exactly the same thing was always overwrought. He was a product of his times, not some singularly bad actor. And his bad acts were so harshly criticized that, to this day, no one has been able to properly contextualize his accomplishments or appreciate them in an appropriate manner.

But that wasn’t just bad because it caused us to overlook the greatness that was Barry Bonds. It has now caused us to ignore his real, serious transgressions. To turn a blind eye when confronted with something truly horrible:

This is baseball’s Boy Who Cried Wolf moment. And we all ignore the cries.

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