Video: Bob Costas reflects on Derek Jeter’s career


With Derek Jeter moments away from playing his final home game at Yankee Stadium, NBC’s Bob Costas took a moment to reflect on the Captain’s Hall of Fame career.

As Costas acknowledges in the video below, Jeter’s place in history won’t just be about the statistics that he produced on the field. While impressive in their own right, they don’t make him one of the best players of all-time or even the best player of this era. Part of Jeter’s legacy is about circumstance, playing for the Yankees at precisely the right time. But it’s also about the person, who managed to avoid any real scandal while playing his entire 20-year major league career in the biggest media market in the world.

Call Jeter “overrated” if you want, but looking purely at his statistics or defensive shortcomings is missing the nuances of a unique individual in a unique situation. And that’s what makes his legacy both polarizing and fascinating.

Watch Costas’ take below: