Jimmy Rollins thinks the Phillies should spend money and compete in 2015


Jimmy Rollins wasn’t fantastic this season, but he did have a bounceback year of sorts while playing some solid defense. He enters 2015 in the last year of his contract and Ryan Lawrence of the Philadelphia Daily News spoke with him about his and the Phillies’ future.¬†With respect to the team, Rollins thinks they can and should compete:

The man who helped propel the Phillies into a winner – first with his “team to beat” declaration, then with an MVP season to back it up – thinks the front office will continue to do what’s necessary to turn their fortunes around.

“We have enough money to,” Rollins said. “So you can’t say we don’t have the money to make improvements in the places that need to be improved, or where they can make them, whichever is the priority. We’re in a big market. A big-market payroll. So you have to go out there and make it happen.”

I wouldn’t read that as Rollins misreading the Phillies’ competitive chances. I would read it as a challenge of sorts to the front office to fix what’s broken and do what it can to reload with him, Cole Hamels and the rest of the old crew intact. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea, but there aren’t a ton of good options for Philly right now and, clearly, something has to change.