Bruce Bochy thinks Clayton Kershaw should win the MVP


You might think the Giants-Dodgers rivalry would cloud his opinion, but San Francisco manager Bruce Bochy made it very clear that he believes Clayton Kershaw should be named MVP of the National League in addition to his sure Cy Young award:

The guy’s the best in the game. I don’t know if there’s a more deserving MVP. Forget [the] Cy Young. I mean, those are stupid numbers that he’s putting up.

Hall of Famer Bob Gibson is the last NL pitcher to win the MVP, during his 1.12 ERA season in 1968. And despite leading the league in ERA during each of the previous three seasons Kershaw has never finished higher than seventh in the MVP voting.

Bochy is thoroughly aware of Kershaw’s greatness, both this season and in past seasons, as the Dodgers ace has a 1.43 ERA in 189 career innings against the Giants and he’s been the manager for all of them.