Palm Beach wants to give the Nationals and Astros money to play there, the teams want more


Great moments in taxpayer funded sports facilities. Palm Beach County has offered to put up $55 million to build a spring training facility for the Nationals and Astros. But the facility may not happen. Why? Because that’s not enough for the Nationals and Astros. They want $155 million:

A divided Palm Beach County Commission rejected a request by the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros to sweeten the county’s proposal to build a spring training stadium for the two teams in West Palm Beach.

But commissioners on Tuesday also directed county staff to continue negotiating with the teams, and report back to the commission within a month.

This is not one of the more egregious publicly-funded ballpark situations ever inasmuch as communities in Florida have long jockeyed to get and keep spring training facilities and there is, generally speaking, a lot of public support for using taxpayer money to do it. As well as established funds to do it.

But it doesn’t change the fact that, between them, the Lerners and Jim Crane could buy and sell many moderately sized countries yet still want more money from a local government for buildings that will, first and foremost, benefit the Lerners and Jim Crane.