How mature. The Giants are boycotting a reporter for doing his job.


With the full disclosure that the reporter in question, Andrew Baggarly, works for, which is part of the Comcast/NBCUniversal family which also puts out this blog and employs this blogger, I bring your attention to a silly little display by the San Francisco Giants.

It seems that they are boycotting Baggarly because he reported something which no one on the Giants is refuting. From Henry Schulman of the Chronicle:

Pagan was not immediately available for comment. Before Bochy spoke, Pagan abruptly cut short a group interview because of the presence of one beat reporter whom he and other players say they will boycott, angry over something he wrote.


More explanation from Bay Area Sports Guy:

Apparently the team has decided en masse that they won’t speak to any members of the media if Andrew Baggarly is present. Multiple sources have told me his report about an argument in the clubhouse between Sergio Romo and Shawon Dunston precipitated this “boycott.”

This is Baggarly’s report, which is newsworthy, not sensational and which has not been refuted by anyone.

We’ve seen this sort of thing in the past, most notably with the Seattle Mariners back in 2010. It’s never a good look for a team, especially a team that is scuffling as it approaches the playoffs like the Giants are. It’d be one thing if the reporter in question was engaging in shady muckraking, but Baggarly is among the best in the business. If anything, he has erred on the side of caution more than good journalistic ethics even require. And even if you have a problem with a reporter, every team employs media relations people whose job it is to work with the credentialed press and smooth over difficulties like this specifically so that players and reporters aren’t sparring with each other in such a fashion.

The Giants face elimination tonight against Clayton Kershaw. One would hope that their focus is more on that than on silly little pissing matches with a working reporter who is just doing his job.

(h/t Deadspin)