Tired of the Jeter love? Here’a “Derek Jeter is a hypocrite” column for you


Ken Davidoff is normally a pretty reliably good columnist. Especially for a New York columnist. But one has to wonder what the heck is going on with his latest outing, in which he lambastes Derek Jeter as a hypocrite.

Why is he a hypocrite? Because he appeared at a memorabilia event for Steiner Sports yesterday, apparently. Which, fine, Steiner Sports sort of icky in some ways, but it’s not like a ballplayer doing such things is unusual. Jeter has been doing that kind of thing for years. And even if you don’t like Steiner Sports, a lot of fans love that stuff. It certainly doesn’t warrant the comp to “NFL Commissioner Roger¬†Goodell and his inept, arrogant team of public-relation gurus,” that Davidoff makes.

It makes me wonder if the Post editors told him “hey, do a Jeter hit piece. It will stand out!” Because I’ve been reading Davidoff for years, and never have I seen him miss the forest for such a tiny, unremarkable little sapling like this.