Royals owner “can’t imagine” GM Dayton Moore leaving for Braves


Dayton Moore was the Braves’ assistant general manager before he became the Royals general manager in 2006 and now that the GM job in Atlanta is open following today’s firing of Frank Wren there’s some speculation that Moore could be a candidate.

Moore declined to comment on the topic, but Royals owner David Glass told Dick Kaegel of

I can’t imagine that Dayton would want to go anywhere else. I have always had the philosophy that if someone wanted to do something else than what we had, we wouldn’t stand in their way. Why would anyone want to keep anyone that wouldn’t want to be there? I’m confident that Dayton is committed to Kansas City, and we’re committed to him. He’s a good baseball guy, and we’re in this thing together.

Moore is signed through 2016 and he finally has built a team with a winning record after eight years on the job, so leaving now would certainly be a big surprise. Plus, for all the criticism he’s taken in Kansas City over the years would Atlanta really jump at the chance to bring Moore back in the big chair?