Matt Garza: if you think I was trying to hit McCutchen, “you’re just an idiot”


Matt Garza hit Andrew McCutchen twice last night. As Bill noted, that’s pretty unusual for Garza, a guy who doesn’t hit a lot of dudes. At the same time, it was a close, important game and Garza was ahead in the count, so it’s not like it made a lot of sense to plunk McCutchen on purpose in that situation. Call it a gray area, I suppose. And if you call it anything else, Matt Garza has some words for you:

“If people think I hit McCutchen on purpose with as 1-2 count in a game like this, then you’re just an idiot. That goes for the Pirates TV crew that kept insinuating that’s what we were doing. You’re an idiot.”

He added an “it is what it is,” thereby undercutting his point dramatically because, gosh, that’s an awful expression.