If you love chaos, root for Team Entropy


Each year SI’s Jay Jaffe helps those weird few of us who love chaos — but who still love planning — to optimize our late September lives. He does so in the form of his Team Entropy reports, which outline for us the ways in which the most massive, un-untangleable ties can occur in the various division and wild card races.

He’s here with his first Team Entropy report today. There’s a lot in there to tackle, but know this much:

For maximum chaos, the sweet spot in the NL is 88 wins. To get there would take the Cardinals going 3-6, the Pirates 6-4, the Brewers 9-0, the Dodgers 1-8 and the Giants 4-6.

If that happens, I’m pretty sure we schedule the start of the division series for the Twelfth of Never and then all go join a cult of some kind.

But that’s OK. It’s OK to introduce a little anarchy. If you upset the established order, everything becomes chaos. Everyone finishing with 88 wins is an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos?

It’s fair.