Derek Jeter will be presented with a bronze cap tonight


This is fun: Prior to tonight’s Yankees game New Era CEO Chris Koch will be presenting Derek Jeter with a bronzed version of the New Era 59FIFTY cap:


It would be awesome if, as with everything else, they made the rest of the Yankees get one too. They’d all have to play the Blue Jays wearing bronze caps. Sure, it would be difficult, but you can’t deny that it would be the ultimate in RE2PECT.

OK, in all seriousness, this is cool. Also, in all seriousness, go read this editorial about Jeter Fatigue by Jay Gordon over at River Ave. Blues. Obviously he and the RAB folks are Yankees fans, and obviously we’re not all going to feel the same away about this stuff that they are. I’m cool with that. They can have and enjoy every last drop of the Jeter stuff without our critical words as long as they can acknowledge that, no, we really don’t feel the same way about it as they do.

It’s like music. They like Rush, we don’t, and we don’t say a . . .

OK, bad example. But you know what I mean.