Ron Washington to make a statement about his resignation today


When Ron Washington resigned as manager of the Texas Rangers a week ago Friday, he gave no specific reason apart from it being a personal matter. Since then, no one else has made a statement about it either. Today, however, Washington intends to speak: he’s holding a press conference at 1:30 Central time.

Last week there was a cryptic and, as of yet, unconfirmed story alleging that Washington stepped down due to scandal. I would presume that this press conference will allude to that either to refute it or to confirm it, however vaguely legal considerations allow.

Note: HBT did not post about this story when it came out and we’re not linking it here because, frankly, the story was weird. No attempt appeared to be made to get any comment on the matter from the Rangers or Washington’s people and no one has since followed up with it in any way, including the person who made the report. The allegations were serious enough that they required more than “I heard someone say . . .” and for that reason we’re not going into any more detail about it now either. If that report is borne out we will certainly give credit to the person who first had it, but as of now we’re considering it to be more rumor than story. Which is fine when it’s about a trade, but not when it involves matters like this.

In any event, Washington will presumably explain the reasons for his sudden and unexpected resignation this afternoon.