Even if you’re tired of Jeter tributes you gotta watch this one


I know there have been a a lot of these things. Really, I searched for various permutations of “Jeter tribute video” at MLB.com the other day and found something like 80 of them. No lie. Most of us have Jeter Tribute Fatigue at this point. I think baseball bloggers can qualify for partial disability with such a diagnosis, actually.

But this one is great. Yes, it’s a Gatorade commercial. But that doesn’t matter. Because this one, unlike all of the other ones which tell us that Jeter is respected and will be missed, does something radical: it shows us. It shows Jeter and fans around Yankee Stadium and shows us, however briefly, how much affection people have for the guy. No one here is explaining that he’s classy or rehashing 15 year-old highlights. No one is making a case for Jeter being something bigger than he is or being transcendent. They’re just Yankees fans seeing the guy and feeling it. And it’s so very well done.