Joe Girardi and Joe Maddon at odds after Jeter was hit by a pitch last night


Actually, it’s not just Jeter. Rays pitchers have hit Yankees batters five times in the past week. And even if none — or at least not all — were intentional, Joe Girardi is pretty sick of it:

“I’m all for pitching inside, but you’ve got to know how to pitch inside because it’s extremely dangerous,” Girardi said. “I don’t know what they expect … you hit five of our guys in four games, you don’t think we’ll be (mad)?”

Girardi was even more angry that Yankees pitcher David Phelps was ejected later for throwing one inside to Kevin Kiermaier:

“My guy gets tossed for what?” Girardi said. “He didn’t hit nobody.”

For his part, Joe Maddon claimed that there was no intent to hit any Yankees batter. But he’s not going to apologize for it either:

“It’s nothing to apologize for. It’s just part of the game. I do understand their frustration with it and why they were upset. It ended up being what it was. Hopefully tomorrow there is nothing going on and, again, truthfully, like I said, there was no intent from us . . . I understand the frustration. I get it totally.”

Hard to say if it ends here. I mean, we live in a time, apparently, where Major League Baseball doesn’t give a rip if you throw at someone’s head, so why would they care at the Yankees and Rays getting mad at each other and throwing inside?