The Braves break ground on “SunTrust Park”


I suppose it’s possible to have a more generic ballpark name than this, but credit to the Braves for pushing the known envelope on blandness:

They broke ground this morning. No word on how much of the money used on the naming rights will go into the Cobb County treasury to reimburse taxpayers who — hahahahahahahahah, sorry. Couldn’t say that with a straight face.

Fun fact: SunTrust Bank gets a 25-year naming rights deal on the place. The Braves will have played in their last park for only 21 years when they move in here, so good luck recouping Sun Trust.

Fun fact 2: Between New York, Philly and Atlanta, three of the five NL East teams will play in bank-named parks beginning in 2017. The Marlins and Nats still have no naming rights, so there is an opportunity here. Get on the stick, banks! Another look at the place:

Seems about as generic as the name. Here’s hoping the renderings are hiding something about the place that has, you know, some character or something forward-looking or cutting edge about it.