Marcus Stroman should be suspended for throwing at Caleb Joseph’s head


Last night’s Orioles-Jays game featured some seriously stupid and bush league garbage from Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman.

The video below lays it all out, but basically Stroman threw a ball behind the head of Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph. Why? Apparently because Joseph inadvertently — and it couldn’t be anything but inadvertent — stepped on Jose Reyes’ fingers during an earlier play at the plate or perhaps was blocking the plate. Some words were exchanged following the Reyes play and it’s possible someone said something dumb, but that in no way justifies what Stroman did.

Stroman deserves a hefty suspension. Heftier than a crotch-grab draws these days around Major League Baseball:

[mlbvideo id=”36304497″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]