David Ortiz: I told you so


David Ortiz wanted a contract extension last winter. A lot of people got on his case, saying that he either shouldn’t get one or shouldn’t be asking for one because it’s distracting and blah blah blah whatever else people say when ballplayers have the nerve to ask to be paid.

Ortiz took some time yesterday to tell all of those people that they were wrong and, hey, maybe he deserved that extension he got. From WEEI:

“There’s just a couple of people out there that they think they’ve got everything figured out. Now what? What would have been the advice they would have given the Red Sox right now if I was going to be a free agent after this season? ‘Oh, we screwed up.’ ‘Oh, you should have listened to me.’ I don’t hear anybody saying right now, ‘It was wrong what they did, signing David Ortiz in March’ . . . .Nobody will because it’s all about making noise and calling attention. It’s all about having the chance by this time [of the season] to say, ‘See, I told you it was wrong to sign him.’ That’s what it’s all about, so that’s why I don’t pay any attention to that.”

He talked about this for what amounted to several more typed paragraphs. But no, he doesn’t pay attention to that.

But who cares. Ortiz had a good season. He has earned his money many times over. He’s allowed to crow about it some, I figure.