The Dodgers final six games will be available to anyone with a set of rabbit ears


All season long, the only way you could see Dodgers games in the Los Angels market is if you were a Time-Warner subscriber, because that’s the only cable carrier in the area who carry SportsNet, the Dodgers new TV network. Most people in Los Angeles are not Time-Warner subscribers, so it’s been a pretty lost season for most L.A.-dwelling Dodgers fans in 2014.

Now, a bone has been thrown: the Dodgers and Time Warner Cable have agreed to show the final week of regular season games for free, over the air on KDOC, which is channel 56 in L.A. So break out the rabbit ears.

I assume this is some combination of goodwill gesture and marketing ploy, designed to get Dodgers fans excited heading into the playoffs and maybe, just maybe, cause them to pressure their cable carriers to agree to carry SportsNet. That’s a big and ongoing business dispute, however, the likes of which we’ve chronicled here before.

But hey: Scully.