White Sox honor scout who saved car crash victims


The White Sox have honored scout John Kazanas with the team’s Roland Hemond Award for extraordinary personal sacrifice, ESPN’s Doug Padilla reports. Kazanas witnessed an ugly car crash in front of him on a highway between Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada and pulled over to help the victims, who were trapped in the car.

The full story:

The van rolled multiple times in the median, with Kazanas rushing to the aid of the victims. He had to break a window in the van to help free a mother and her three children, including one who was an infant unharmed in a car seat.

Reports of the incident indicated that other motorists continued down the road without helping, while the driver that caused the crash stopped on the side of the road, but did not assist the victims.

“I guess you’re challenged in some way and you know what’s right,” Kazanas told the Arizona Republic.

In a week full of awful sports news, it’s nice to have this gem shine through.