Matt Harvey predicts the Mets will win next April 6


Most baseball players will say things like, “I think we have a good chance to compete” and “you always set out to win every game.”  Rarely will anyone, however, predict a win in a specific game, Matt Harvey is not just anyone:

When ask by WFAN hosts Boomer & Carton about offseason trades or moves to improve the team, Harvey said, “I think those are things you can’t really worry about.”

He then added: “I’m looking ahead to April 6 and counting (the) Washington Nationals as a ‘W.’ I’m looking forward to it, and whatever trades or whatever they make this offseason, I think as players we have to do what we can and prepare to the best of our abilities so we’re ready for next year.”

I imagine someone will think this is out of line or whatever because baseball fans and commentators tend to be as cautious and as boring as baseball players when it comes to this stuff. But I love it. Cocky doesn’t last and it often doesn’t pay, but cocky, in small doses, in the right situation, can be pretty cool. The Mets haven’t had cocky in a long time. I bet their fans would like to hear more stuff like this.