Kevin Towers is probably not going back to the Padres


When the Diamondbacks relieved Kevin Towers of his duties as their GM, there was speculation that he could return to the Padres in a special assistant role. Towers’ specialty, of course, is scouting, so you’d figure it would be a special assistant in that capacity. Looks like that’s not happening now, however, as Dennis Lin of the Union-Tribune reports that the Padres have hired¬†hired David Post as a special assistant for scouting.

Maybe you can have more than one special assistant. But you have to figure Towers would like a job where he actually has stuff to do in order to distinguish himself for a possible future GM position.

The Diamondbacks, for what it’s worth, have said that they would like him to stay on. Possibly as a special assistant for scouting. So maybe he’s not going anyplace.