Albert Pujols gets his first ever golden sombrero


Albert Pujols struck out four times in five plate appearances in last night’s game against the Rangers.

I offer this not to mock Albert Pujols for his four strikeout performance yesterday. Really more to praise him for going 14 years without having one before now. In this day and age, when everyone strikes out all the darn time, that’s pretty surprising. You’d think a power hitter like Pujols would’ve had a golden sombrero to his credit before now. But nope: it took 2,102 games and 9,187 plate appearances for him to achieve that ignominious feat.

But then again, Pujols is not your typical power hitter. He has never struck out 100 times in a season. And even after two years in the wilderness and a 2014 which, while quite good, is not up to his historical levels, he still has a .318 career average. He just passed 2,500 hits the other day too.

Anyway, I think we’re in a time when a lot of people have forgotten just how amazing a hitter Pujols was and still is. We sort of took him for granted in St. Louis and we’ve sort of given him up for dead since he went to Anaheim. But this guy is inner-circle.