Video: Mike Piazza’s home run from September 21, 2001 will make things better


It’s a crappy day for a lot of reasons. What’s going on in the news now, what this day makes so many of us remember. We try not to dwell on that stuff because if we do it’ll make us go crazy, but we can’t help but think about it. Especially when so much of what is crappy in the world has bled into sports of late. Sports is supposed to be a respite from the ugliness of the world and when it isn’t, damn, where do you go?

But it’s worth remembering that sports can be uplifting for us even if we don’t tune out the “real world.” Indeed, sometimes sports and the real world come together in such a way as to give us hope or make us feel better about all the awfulness.

Here was one of those times. If you didn’t see it at the time or were too young to remember, enjoy it. If you did, enjoy it again.

Oh, and put this man in the Hall of Fame.

[mlbvideo id=”3218879″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]