Owner says Rays’ payroll “is clearly going to be lower”


Not only have the Rays disappointed this season, going 70-76 after four consecutive 90-win seasons, owner Stu Sternberg plans to decrease the payroll for next season.

Sternberg told Bill Chastain of MLB.com that the 2015 payroll “is clearly going to be lower” because “this year was an enormous aberration.”

That “enormous aberration” this season meant spending $78 million, which ranks 26th among MLB teams and is at least $25 million lower than every other team in the AL East division.

Tampa Bay’s attendance has slipped about 1,000 fans per game, which is actually not bad considering how much worse the team has played this season. Of course, they ranked dead last among AL teams in attendance last season with only 18,646 fans per game, so there wasn’t a lot of room for slippage either way.

Given how well manager Joe Maddon and the front office have gotten the Rays to play on tiny payrolls for the past half-dozen seasons it’d be nice to see ownership invest a little extra money into the team even when it struggles, but realistically that’s probably wishful thinking.

Video reviews overturn 42% rate; Boston most successful

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NEW YORK (AP) Video reviews overturned 42.4% of calls checked during Major League Baseball’s shortened regular season, down slightly from 44% in 2019.

Boston was the most successful team, gaining overturned calls on 10 of 13 challenges for 76.9%. The Chicago White Sox were second, successful on eight of 11 challenges for 72.7%, followed by Kansas City at seven of 10 (70%).

Pittsburgh was the least successful at 2 of 11 (18.2%), and Toronto was 7 of 25 (28%).

Minnesota had the most challenges with 28 and was successful on nine (32.1%). The New York Yankees and Milwaukee tied for the fewest with nine each; the Yankees were successful on five (55.6%) and the Brewers three (33.3%).

MLB said Tuesday there were 468 manager challenges and 58 crew chief reviews among 526 total reviews during 898 games. The average time of a review was 1 minute, 25 seconds, up from 1:16 the previous season, when there 1,186 manager challenges and 170 crew chief reviews among 1,356 reviews during 2,429 games.

This year’s replays had 104 calls confirmed (19.8%), 181 that stood (34.4%) and 223 overturned. An additional 12 calls (2.3%) were for rules checks and six (1.1%) for recording keeping.

In 2019 there were 277 calls confirmed (12.5%), 463 that stood (34.1%) and 597 overturned. An additional nine calls (0.7%) were for rules checks and 10 (0.7%) for record keeping.

Expanded video review started in 2014.