Debunking the “Mets have it in for Wally Backman” nonsense


Last week the usual New York writers started agitating for Wally Backman to manage the Mets again. One directly, others by talking up strife in the organization and speculating about Terry Collins’ job security even though, to date, there hasn’t been anything made public to suggest that Collins is on shaky ground. It’s the usual thing: reporters stirring the pot and hoping some of the goo in that pot splatters on to Sandy Alderson, for whom said writers seem not to care for very much.

The other day John Fitzgerald — who is Wally Backman backer and who actually made a documentary film about the guy a couple of years back — noted that the idea that the Mets are somehow blackballing Backman is absurd. In a detailed article, he notes all of the ways the Mets have embraced Backman and made him a big part of the organization. He does so by noting easily observed fact like, say, the Backman’s presence on the Mets coaching staff on a fill-in basis, his role in spring training and the key job with which he has been entrusted in working with Mets prospects.

It’s a good read that does much to put the lie to the nonsense Backman narrative the New York columnists like to spew. Send Firzgerald’s article to one of those guys the next time they start beating the Backman drum. Not that facts have ever stopped a good New York columnist narrative. But at least then they’d know that you know that they were full of crap.

While I’m mentioning Fitzgerald, allow me to mention once again that he expends a LOT of effort promoting baseball in Ireland. We’ve talked about his work on that score here before. If that’s something that jazzes you, consider making a donation to that cause. Five dollar donations will get you a nifty Baseball Ireland car sticker at the moment.