The Dodgers make three errors on one awful, ridiculous play


I mentioned in the recaps that Clayton Kershaw allowed one earned run against the Padres. You won’t believe how San Diego’s two unearned runs were scored. Or maybe you will. Because it all got kicked off by Yasiel Puig trying to do too much on a routine play.

Runners on first and second and one out. A fly out to center. No big deal. The play ends if Puig just eats the ball after he catches it. But he throws it offline to first in an effort to double off the runner there. The ball goes flying, which allows the runners to advance to second and third. OK, the play can end then, right?

Nope. A.J. Ellis, who backed up the errant throw to first base, was clearly infected by Puig’s enthusiasm and he throws the ball away over second base as he tries to nail the runner who advanced there. The lead runner heads home. OK. One run. Not too bad! Let’s get out number — wait, oh my God, Hanley, what are you doing?!

Hanley Ramirez — who was all the way out in center by the time this was going down — fields Ellis’ crappy throw and fires a crappy throw home of his own in an effort to get that lead runner. He’s way offline and it goes to the backstop. That lead runner, who was going to score anyway, scores, and runner who was originally on first base rounds third and heads home.

A.J. Ellis is probably pretty tired at this point. He ran down to first to back up Puig’s throw, fired it to the outfield, and then ran all the way back to his position and fielded Ramirez’s throw. That runner who was on first base when the play began is now chugging his way home. He should be dead to rights at home, where Kershaw is covering. Ellis picks it up and, welp, no, the throw is too late. Two runs in on what started out as a shallow fly to center.

Kershaw’s flip of the ball once the play is over says it all.

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Blake Snell becomes client of Boras Corporation

Blake Snell
Bob Levey/Getty Images
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Ken Rosenthal and Josh Tolentino of The Athletic report that Rays starter Blake Snell has switched agencies, going from Apex Baseball to Boras Corporation. Snell is currently signed to a five-year, $50 million contract and will be under contract through 2023.

Snell found himself in hot water two weeks ago when he said on his Twitch stream that he wouldn’t risk his life to play baseball during a pandemic while receiving significantly reduced pay. Some described Snell as tone deaf for saying, “I gotta get my money. I’m not playing unless I get mine, okay?”

Boras represents many of baseball’s highest-paid players, including Gerrit Cole and Bryce Harper. Snell is not likely to win over any of the people he recently irritated by appearing to go after more money by hiring the highest-profile agent. What often goes unsaid is that players have a very limited window in which to use their elite athletic skills to make money.

Snell won the 2018 AL Cy Young Award, going 21-5 with a 1.89 ERA and a 221/64 K/BB ratio over 180 2/3 innings. He did not have nearly the same success last year, going 6-8 with a 4.29 ERA and a 147/40 K/BB ratio in 107 innings.