There could be a “clarification” on the home plate collision rule as soon as this afternoon


Jayson Stark of reports:

Major League Baseball and the Players Association are nearing an agreement designed to “clarify” confusion over the new home-plate collision rules, sources told ESPN on Monday, with an announcement possible as soon as late Monday afternoon.

The directive would establish parameters for calling certain plays at the plate, effective immediately. And the late-season agreement is timed in the hope of keeping postseason controversy surround the rule to a minimum.

The idea, which makes perfect sense, is to avoid those situations where a ball reaches the plate a mile ahead of the base runner, but he runner is called safe because, technically speaking, the catcher stood in front of the plate as the slow-motion, inevitable tag is placed. Situations like we’ve seen a couple of times this year.

Here’s to MLB changing rules on the fly. First with the replay rule, then with the collision rule. Ten years ago these rules would’ve remained on the books, unaltered, as the season progressed because no one would’ve admitted there was a problem.