Are you happy, Hardee’s? You made Stan Musial cry!


I actually rather hate the Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. commercials with Paris Hilton or whoever is in them. Mostly because they’re commercials and I generally don’t like commercials. But also because I don’t much care for commercials which use sex to sell unsexy things. Use tons of sex to sell me whiskey or a cool car or something. That’s sexy! But those Hardee’s burgers with all the crap on them are basically the antithesis of sex. All I want is some thematic coherence here, people.

But even if I don’t like them, I never would’ve thought that they’d make Stan Musial cry. But apparently they have. At least according to one very irate reader of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, who wrote to the editor to complain about these commercials showing up during Cardinals telecasts and scandalizing his entire family:

Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and pornography. That’s what you’ll get if you watch the St. Louis Cardinals on TV. Every fan I know has remarked on the filthy Hardee’s commercial featuring a nearly nude woman writhing in soap suds. It’s pornography, pure and simple . . . I couldn’t help but think of Stan Musial, the standard bearer of the Cardinals and a man of impeccable character. He had to be looking down from heaven with tears in his eyes.

In other news, given controversial recent events, the Cardinals have officially announced that they are postponing Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Pornography Night, originally scheduled for the September 19th game against the Reds. It may be rescheduled for next year pending the completion of a meeting/seance with Stan Musial’s ghost.