We are in the Golden Age of Awful Ceremonial First Pitches


Maybe we just catch more on video now. I dunno. All I know is that it used to be years in between seeing truly terrible first pitches on nightly highlights shows. Now we get a doozy multiple times a year.

To Houston:

Does no one practice these things? If I was ever asked to throw out the first pitch, I’d like to think I’d practice.


Adrian Gonzalez plans to play next season

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Bob Nightengale reports that Adrian Gonzalez plans to play in 2019 and the Diamondbacks are “one of the teams who may have interest.”

Well, now that they’ve traded way Paul Goldschmidt I suppose they have an opening.

The Mets released Gonzalez on June 10, after he completed a 54-game tenure with a batting line of .237/.299/.373 and only six homers. No one else showed interest in the five-time All-Star after the Mets cast him off and, as such, one might have felt comfortable saying that his playing days were over. He thinks differently, however, and apparently the Dbacks are at least willing to listen. He will turn 37 in May and will almost certainly have to settle for a minor league contract, but if the man wants to play, that will not be an obstacle.