Mariano Rivera gets his 600th save


On the same night Tim Wakefield got his 200th win, Mariano Rivera got his 600th save.  As Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe observed last night, I guess that’s evidence that having a second pitch is overrated.

It was a usual night’s work for Rivera. A one run lead, an overmatched offense, and — while it wasn’t a 1-2-3- inning thanks to an Ichiro single — he was erased while trying to steal to end the game. You don’t get the sense that Rivera sweated it.

As we said the other day, the 600th save is a nice round number — and it means that he’s only two away from holding the all-time saves record himself — but it’s not that big a deal when it comes to Rivera. His greatness was cemented several hundred saves ago.  His status as the best closer in baseball history questioned only by those with a rooting interest that blinds them or a jones to argue any point just for its own sake.

I’m actually one of the latter types, but even this is a point I can’t argue.  Mariano Rivera is the best there ever was. And now he’s the second member of the 600 save club.