Johnny Damon steals his 400th base


Wakefield, Rivera, Damon … anyone on the Orioles or Jays hit a round number? Any other milestones to report in the AL East?

Johnny Damon stole his 400th base in last night’s O’s-Rays game. That, combined with his 229 career homers, made him the ninth player in Major League history to reach the 200/400 club.  He joins Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonds, Joe Morgan, Craig Biggio, Roberto Alomar, Rickey Henderson, Marquis Grissom and Paul Molitor.

As points out, he’s also only the second guy — after Molitor — to have 200 homers, 400 steals and 100 triple. That can’t properly be referred to as a “club,” however. I think you need at least three for a club. Maybe four.  I mean, to have a club you need officers and members, right?  Otherwise the meetings look funny.

Anyway, look for this milestone to be cited by those who make Johnny Damon’s Hall of Fame case in a few years. A case that, for as good and as often under-appreciated Johnny Damon has been in his career, I think falls short, his membership in this 200/400 club notwithstanding.  After all, if it’s a club that has Marquis Grissom as a member, it can’t truly be seen as some sort of no-brainer Hall of Fame credential.