So what does Mitch Williams think of Rays fans?


The Wild Thing is not pleased by the lack of support that the Rays are receiving:

“This team, these players, they absolutely deserve everything they’re
getting. That fan base does not deserve a World Series. It does not
deserve to have a World Series in their town . . . It is embarrassing . . . As
fast as Carl Crawford is, is as fast as he’s going to run out of Tampa.
He wants to go somewhere where they care about their team, the game, and
in Tampa they don’t.”

I imagine being booed as much as Mitch Williams was in his career makes one sensitive to such things.

Anyway, this conversation has been fun and everything, but I can’t wait for it to transition to the next logical step. That step being people complaining about Rays fans being too damn enthusiastic when they ring those cow bells in the playoffs.