Mark Buehrle admits he threw at a guy


Paul Konerko got beaned in the face by Carl Pavano in the first inning of last night’s Twins-White Sox game. In the second inning, Mark Buehrle plunked Michael Cuddyer in the shoulder, no doubt because of the Konerko thing. No brawls, no ugliness, end of story and life went on.

But Buehrle’s quote, when asked about it after the game, was interesting:

“When I’m told to do something I try to go out there and do it to the
best of my ability. Obviously you got to protect your

I know that Ozzie Guillen told Buehrle told hit Cuddyer. You do too, because that’s just how these things work. But it’s not very often that you hear the pitcher actually admit later that he was told to hit the guy.  Usually, if anyone even bothers to ask the question at all, the answer is something like “well, I was trying to pitch him inside to I could set him up for a pitch on the outside corner and it just got away from me.”

I think the odds of Buehrle being disciplined over this approach zero, but I wonder if anyone else finds it odd to hear him make such an admission.