John Lindsey gets his first major league at bat


As I mentioned in this morning’s recaps, John Lindsey got his first big league at bat last night.  He saw three pitches. A ball, a foul ball and then he flew to center.  But let no man say he hasn’t taken his hacks in the bigs.  Video of his at bat can be seen here.

I think the best part of it was the massive, massive exhale as he took his practice swings just before the first pitch.  The second best part was the loud ovation after the fly-out, which I am going to assume was for him, as opposed to the home team retiring an opposing batter.

Oh: a big boo-hiss to the Associated Press for not getting a single pic of Lindsey’s at bat. I mean, I realize that it was only a pinch hitting appearance, but Lindsey was about the only interesting thing about last night’s Astros-Dodgers game, so the least they could would be to snap one of the guy.